About Us

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Aorta’s goals:

  • Innovative clear aligner solutions.
  • Innovative digitally driven patient smile engagement solutions.
  • Exploring our patients wants versus needs to unleash happy and healthy patient smiles.
  • Unleashing technology for balance patient Smile creation.
  • Better smile creation by digitising the diagnosing, treatment planning and patient smile engagement process/journey.

Aorta’s purpose is to inspire and educate dentists and dental teams of the power of clear aligners and virtual multidisciplinary smile integration.

Aorta’s value:

  • Innovative
  • Passionate
  • Accountable
  • Resilience
  • Loyal
  • Punctual
  • Bold and brave
What we do
Educate clinicians to the power of clear aligner workflows via the pillars of communication Technology and Systems
Create better digital diagnostic and treatment services for smile creation for both clinician and patient.
Provide a digital laboratory services of retainers ( fixed and removable), clear aligner software support, virtual interdisciplinary smile simulation integration and porcelain restorations based of digital diagnostic and treatment simulations
Why we do
Aorta wants to lead the digital smile disruption evolution.
We want to help dentists better connect and serve their patients
How we do. ( education and laboratory)
Educate clinicians and their team on the power of clear aligners workflows by incorporating the pillars of communication technology and systems .
Education platforms are online, face 2 face one day and two day classes.
Provide digital orthodontics laboratory services for dental practices on retainers ( fixed and removable) and software design for clear aligners and interdisciplinary smile integration.