AI Powered

Instantly generates digitally enhanced versions of patient smiles

Easy To Use

Simple upload process for clear photos of patients' faces with a smile

Instant Result

Provides a preview of potential smile transformations within 10 seconds

Increases Treatment Acceptance

Enhances patient experiences and increases treatment acceptance rates.

Tailored Smile Transformation Choices

Upgrade to VISS for Comprehensive Support or VM for second opinion to procced

Guideline for Clinicians

Offers comprehensive guidelines for clinicians during restorative processes

Q & A

Smile Geni is an innovative AI-powered software designed to revolutionize smile transformations. Using advanced AI algorithms, Smile Geni can instantly enhance the patient's smile to optimal facial aesthetic in seconds. Smile Geni allows the clinician to create an emotional connection with their patients to visualize their optimal potential smile transformation before undergoing any procedures.

Smile Geni is easy to use within seconds. Simply upload a "selfie" photo of the patient's face with a smile, and let our AI technology do the rest. Within seconds, Smile Geni generates an optimal facial aesthetic digitally enhanced version of the patient's smile. This allows a preview of the potential transformation to engage. 

Once you have created the emotional connection, the next step is to plan how you are going to create the patient's ideal smile transformations. The next step is to engage with Aorta's VISS (Virtual Interdisciplinary Smile Simulator). Simply upload to VISS the patient's full set of photos, STL scans, and if possible an aligner software plan. Then VISS will then create a visual plan on how to achieve smile transformation by generating interactive software to provide clinician and patient how we will achieve smile transformation.

Alternatively, you can request for virtual mentorship and request a virtual second opinion on how to proceed.

Smile Geni ignites the smile transformation journey between the patients and clinicians by instantly enhancing the patient's smile to optimal facial aesthetic in seconds. By providing patients with a glimpse of their potential smile transformations, clinicians can effectively communicate treatment options and develop the patients emotional connection to their smile transformation journey.

Yes, Smile Geni is free to use. Simply sign up using your email and enjoy access to Smile Geni. For our comprehensive solution, you'll need to sign up to our VM (Virtual Mentorship ) orVISS (Virtual Interdisciplinary Smile Simulator) services.

In addition to Smile Geni, we offerVISS (Virtual Interdisciplinary Smile Simulator), a comprehensive solution for smile transformations, as well as VM (Virtual Mentorship) - a second opinion for Virtual Mentorship - a virtual second opinion on how to proceed.

Smile Geni stands out among other aligner companies due to its advanced AI-powered technology, which enables instant smile transformations. While traditional aligner companies may offer similar services, Smile Geni's innovative approach provides unparalleled speed and accuracy in enhancing patients' smiles.


Option 1

Upgrade for our comprehensive solution - VISS (Virtual Interdisciplinary Smile Simulator) We take care of everything from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and perfect smile transformation.

Option 2

You can opt for virtual mentorship, where our expert team will provide personalized guidance and support throughout your smile transformation journey.


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