Impartial clear aligner education to increase conversions & clinical confidence

As a small and independent clear aligner lab, we take great care and pride in the manufacture of our products. Each set of clear aligners is checked by our own team of dentists and dental technicians to ensure the product you receive is of the highest quality. Each product is hand crafted in Melbourne, Australia. We offer additional services such as our very own Virtual Smile System

What's included:

2 Day intensive: In-depth focus on setups & software
14HR CPD (2x 7HR sessions)
Special Content from The Ortho Partners
Builds on Clinical Development Course
Walk through 10+ Case Setups
BYO Cases to Discuss
Examine Multiple Systems impartially
Fully catered


$ 1,049


$ 699

We wanted to take our practice to the next level, and the way we approached this was from copying from the best! John and his team generously shared all of the systems, protocols, clinical Know-how and patient care that could make that a possibility. Thank you!!

Dr Cigdem Kipel

General Dentist

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