In-house Aligner Course


When we develop a course, we have three things in mind –

  1. How do we get the information across in a positive, fun and clear way
  2. How do we ensure that course attendees can implement their learnings the very next day
  3. How do we ensure all information is relevant to attendees

Our “In-house Aligner Course” we developed specifically for practices who have been using clear aligner therapy for at least 6 months and want to take it to the next level. This course trains up your whole team from dentists to practice manager and everything in between. This course is fully customised to your team to ensure maximum effectiveness.

We will:

  1. educate your dentists on how to complete more complex cases and go through thorough troubleshooting of clear aligner therapy
  2. empower and train your OHT on how to be more involved in the provision of patient care with aligners
  3. excite, train and energise your dental nurses in becoming drivers of clear aligner therapy with increased responsibility and clear roles in the treatment
  4. reception and admin staff will learn the marketing and workflow gems to ensure that patients have a smooth, efficient and stressless journey from start to finish
  5. your whole team will learn how to systemised and double your efficiency in this exciting field through workflow implementation, ensuring all team members are utilised to their maximum ability.
  6. The training will be provided in our education facility adjacent to Freedom Dental, Melbourne (where AORTA founder, Dr John, created and implemented workflows that allows the team to completed 400+ clear aligner cases a year) and there will opportunity for live demonstration of the workflow.

Eligibility: to be eligible to complete this course, you must have been undertaking clear aligner therapy for at least 6 months and have previously completed an AORTA course. If you have not completed an AORTA course, please advise us via email.

Course Fee: due to they highly customisable nature of the course, fees differ for all teams. To get an accurate quote, please email .