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    Please put all tips and tricks for IPR in this thread.

    Freedom Dental

    IPR is an important tool that is required to create space when correcting crowding.
    However it is not absolute. Teeth do not move exactly as we like and depending on aligner manufacturer they may round up the space required.
    As a general rule it is better to do ipr incrementally. It is also better to routinely check with ipr strips to ensure no binding interproximally even when no ipr is due. Premature binding leeds to poor tracking outcomes also.


    From Dr Neha “Also, what IPR materials should I order for my set up and from where before I start with any case?”

    There are a number of different tools you can use for IPR – Burs, IPstrips, saws. They all work, however I’ve found that I personally get more control using the strips or the saws. I only use burs when im doing significant IPR through filling material (eg 0.5mm+).

    There are many manufacturers who produce IPR tools. The one we currently use is through 1122corp – we really like their products. We have organised an AORTA discount through them if you use the code “AORTA”.

    Perhaps as importantly, the use of IPR gauges have become crucial for us as we find it helps us assessing if we have done the IPR we prescribed.

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    This may help – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NvcndP4ZbjqASWeWPpVqBuMy08yT43x3

    PS: there are a lot of companies who make these, you do not have to buy from them. We have just found them pretty good 🙂

    Freedom Dental

    I find with severe crowding cases, I have to gradually complete IPR (instead of completing it all at once) due to limited access to the true mesial and distal surfaces of the the teeth. This is also much nicer on the patient, both comfort wise and aesthetically as you are able to achieve best tooth contour. This is particularly relevant when larger amounts of IPR is required (>0.4mm-0.5mm).

    I tend to start the IPR process from aligner #1 by checking to ensure there is adequate spacing with a yellow (thinnest) IPR strip. Once access to the mesial/distal of the tooth is achieved, I start completed about 01mm-0.2mm of IPR at each visit until the total required is achieved.

    Of course, recording what has been completed at each visit is quite important to track quantity of IPR. I generally do this both on the physical treatment overview sheet and in the patients notes.


    Freedom Dental

    I agree with DH comment, completing IPR gradually is the best out come especially anything grater than 0.3mm, especially creating a smooth, curved, contour.

    here is an x-ray of bad contouring I/P and good.

    Please see image attached in regard to tooth contouring.


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