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Hey Suresh
Welcome to the forum both great questions and I’m not sure this the forum to answer.
Btw sorry we didn’t see your question earlier …..
This forum is to assist clinicians with trouble shooting software set ups, pre during and post treatment questions ect, admin assistance ect…

However your questions are based in my opinion on conventional concepts of orthodontics based on fixed ortho, Andrews six keys to occlusion ect….
Regarding research on tmj I am aware of an orthodontist in Germany ( cant recall journal ) that uses aligners to assist tmjd where there is limited opening with great success. The mechanism theorised is that the aligners act Luke a Mischigan splint during treatment.
As for inter arch treatment to correct class 1/11/111 I assume you are referring to Clear aligners still works well as long as you understand the mechanism and technique to abide by it.