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Hi Neha,

Our Treatment Care Co-ordinators have a template to follow when during consults for clear aligners. I have attached quick note templates for a clear aligner consultation and a software viewing/presentation appointment that cover the main points that would be discussed during these appointments. There are also notes below that can be adjusted and used for your practice.

Presented treatment plan to patient as written by their treating provider or Dr John Hagiliassis. Read over treatment plan with patient briefly discussing process for outlined treatment recommendations and options. Educated patient that my role is that of a treatment care coordinator and that I cannot provide a clinical diagnosis or answer clinical questions. Highlighted alternative options on treatment plan and advised patient that we can arrange a referral for patient to seek a second opinion if required. Showed patient before and after images on 3D Clin-check and advised patient that Clin-check is a simulated guideline of their predicted treatment plan. As per treatment plan advised patient of predicted treatment length, however reiterated software is a simulated guideline and that treatment length is likely to be extended with refinement(s) following the initial treatment phase. Discussed refinements included in treatment (3) if required for further correction and that this will be determined by their treating provider or Dr John Hagiliassis. Discussed functions of treatment with patient & highlighted attachments, elastics, interproximal adjustments, power ridges. Pt has been shown on clincheck the shapes/number of attachments required and any anterior attachments, patient has been educated when attachments will be placed and that they will be polished off upon completion of treatment Showed patient any blue/black tooth movement and informed patient these teeth have predicted difficulty with movement. Stressed compliance (wearing aligners 22 hours per day), fortnightly changes & the importance of scheduling and attending appointments as directed by their treating provider. Discussed the importance of retention with the use of post-operative retainers. Advised patient of life-time commitment & that they are responsible for making and attending appointments upon completion of treatment to review alignment and retention. Advised failure to do so may compromise final treatment results. Discussed option of Vpro accelerator device as outlined in treatment plan & provided consent form highlighting benefits and potential risks and inconveniences. Advised Dr John & treating provider deemed suitability if patient chooses to proceed with product. Discussed fee for product and payment options. Educated patient about the importance of scheduling appointments with the same provider and advised that Dr John Hagiliassis supervisors all of our Invisalign practitioners. Advised Dr John is available at any time upon request should the need arise. Verbally went through contract with patient, informing of all associated costs and inclusions/exclusions as highlighted in the contract. Discussed payment options more comprehensively and provided information of Mifund / Denticare if patient wishes to proceed with payment plan. Advised patient to thoroughly read informed consent form and payment contract prior to proceeding and that if they have any questions to ensure these are answered by their treating provider or Dr John prior to signing. Advised patient of complimentary take home whitening and retainers included in overall cost.