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On going visits

Once the expectation has been established it is the main focus for the clinician to ensure the patient stays motivated and dilligent when wearing aligners.
During these appointments the clinician should start to:
1 Ask the patient how they are going? and when are they NOT wearing the aligners.
This tactic usually creates a more honest answer.
An obvious concern occurs when a patient arrives without the aligners in their mouth for the appointment.
Treatment should be paused and address the concern of the patient’s commitment at this point.
2 Always have the software open and accessible to review.
The importance of this is two fold. It reassures the patient that the treatment early on is working as they fear it is not working. It also assists the clinician to review teeth in the amber or red zone that may need further monitoring and confirm attachments are ok and wen to do IPR.
3 Always check which aligner the patient is actually wearing by checking the number, how long the current aligner has been work and whether changes have been done as per prescription weekly or fortnightly.
Ask the patient how it feels at the end of the cycle does the aligner feel loose? was there too much pressure when change over ….all this information provides clues on the how well the patient is going and how well the biology is tracking?
4 Each visit clinician should also check contacts with floss to ensure not binding and use light ipr strip to open contacts in areas of moderate to severe crowding.
5 Remember keep it possible we as clinicians are the PT of the oral cavity for our patients!!