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The most important clinical visit in the aligner journey for the patient is the initial aligner insert appointment. This is the appointment that the patient after consenting to the aligner treatment plan actually needs to wear them. In this appointment the role of the clinician (dentist, therapists, hygienists) is to motivate and educate the patient.
The misconception here is that it is only about how to wear and remove the aligners.
However the key to success is to ensure the patient is overseeing and able to monitor optimal fit of the aligner.
They need to be educated and motivated the patient to
1 use the chewies or aligner seating devices ( chewies, cotton rolls, V -pro, accelerate devices ect…..) and to self evaluate when an aligner is not fully seated.
2 use floss to ensure teeth are not binding that will result in aligners not being able to be fully seated
3 attachments are fully engaging and are not detaching
4 and if the time to change the aligner may be premature. (i.e the alinger still feels tight and not passive prior to moving onto the next alinger)