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Hi Neha, great questions. Discussion below:
1. what information should the front office staff provide:
Information that ‘non clinical’ staff provide is wide ranging. It all starts from your online advertising, then in-house advertising including waiting room tv etc. Our front office staff initially are what we term ‘promoters’ of clear aligners but they also know our entire workflow back to front so if the patient asks “whats the process” or “how do i get more information” or “how do i get started” they know where to direct the patient. For example, if the patient says “how do I get more information” front desk will advise the patient to organise a complimentary information sessions with a treatment care co-ordinator. In saying that, non-clinical staff do not make a diagnosis or give timeframes on treatment etc – that is our job as clinicians. It is however important they understand the workflow and process the patient is committing to and also understand the time needed for aspects of the patient journey to ensure they are advising patients how long the appointments will take.

2. We use the following codes:
Work up codes and also additional alpha codes can assist in ensuring the patient has all aspects of the treatment covered and communication within our team is of a high standard
Freein – free information session, a front office or treatment coordinator can meet the patient and discuss options of aligner treatment
036, 037, 071 x 2, 072, 073 – these codes are used for the clinical workup
Scan – we use this code to alert our admin team that a digital scan was taken and they can commence the upload of the case using the STL file
PhotoR – this code can be entered by the team member who uploaded the photos for the case
Clinck – a front office or treatment coordinator needs to document when the patient has viewed their software and if they are proceeding
825 x 2 per arch price
AlignO = aligners ordered
AlignA = aligners arrived

3. Cost is an interesting one. In the free information session with our treatment care co-ordinator they will outline “if you are a lite case it will be $x, if you’re a full case itll be $y, and if youre a complex case itll be $z. Your clinician will let you know what category you fall under”. We have found in our clinic, and it is a priniciple of Dr John’s that the front desk mainly discuss costs, not so much the clinical team. He theorises that clinical team is good at clinical things. Front office/support team in a non-clinical room are best discussing costs after the clinical team has discussed what case they fall into. As per step a above, it is our standard workflow that a treatment coordinator will see the patient to discuss pricing and payment plan options, this saves you valuable chair time.

4. Sure thing, Neha. Ill upload some contracts into our library and alert you once theyve been uploaded 🙂

We do have our admin support on this forum Ill flag it with them to give you their thoughts on this topic and feel free to include your admin team to this forum to ask questions too!

If you have any followup questions form the above feel free to ask!