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Hi Neha! Welcome aboard, it’s a fun space to be in!

Re which bond and composite material – there’s no one particular product that is better than others. I’d be using whatever composite you have in the clinic to be honest. With your bonding system, for simplicity and ease of placement, i’d pick a single primer/bond.

We use packable Grandio (in a ampule) for our composite and use Scotchbond universal for our bond. Ive found that flowable composite generally stains more than packable as a general rule and Ive found that the ampule makes placement into template more efficient.

Best tips I can give are:
– prophy the teeth beforehand to make sure theyre plaque free or else you will get staining around attachment margins
– ask pt not to eat heavily staining foods/drinks in first 24 hrs
– turmeric and attachments/aligners are not friends

Happy to upload a video of this if you think that’ll help?

Hope that helps!