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Freedom Dental

Hi Jeremy, great questions and interesting case…
You need to ask yourself, what does the patient want?
Did she ask for anterior guidance and is she having issues with her mastication function and TMJ motions?
My suggestion is not to retrude the upper or lower anterior arches and only ensure only rotation and alignment correction as they are and to maintain gaps distally to upper 3’s and lower pm and use composite to close gaps and prevent relapse as see fit?
This can ensure a quicker time in order to establish the aesthetic solution and provide the patient what she wants.
However, if the patient wants functional result and or you decide it is a fundamental need, then my suggestion is posterior segmented mesialisation to close gaps in both arches rather than anterior retrusion in order to maintain upper lip position.
Hope this makes sense? Please ask away?
To send this back to adjust ask the technician to align teeth as is without retrusion and maintain gaps where you see fit with distal to upper 3’s etc.
Best regards, Dr John