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eCligner® is aesthetic and comfortable for the orthodontic patient. As it is removable and transparent it does not interfere with your daily life. To get a good result it is advisable to wear the aligners 17 hours a day. eCligner® is not only suitable for adults, children are not bothered by the aligners either. Children can wear eCligner at night which is sufficient for the so-called 'night-time wearing appliance' (8-10 hours a day) No More Attachments! eCligner offers advanced aligner treatment without the need to incorporate attachments, giving your patient a truly aesthetic experience.

Topics covered

- Introduction

- How clear aligners can transform a general practice

- Why use eCligners

- Our journey with clear aligners

- Technology

- Patient communication

- eCligner system walk-through

- How AORTA can help you and your business

- What's to come with AORTA

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