Interface Terms

The meanings of defined terms and phrases in this document are at the end in the definitions section.

Provider means Informatio Pty Ltd of NSW, Australia, contactable on

Customer means you or the entity that you are contracting for as authorised representative, contactable on the email registered with this service

Supply of services

Provider will provide the Services described in this document to Customer in accordance with the Agreement.

Payment calculation

The fees payable to Provider in exchange for the Services will be $30 per month (including GST).

Payment methods

  • Provider will invoice Customer for the Services rendered during the previous month.
  • Customer authorises Provider to effect payment of invoices via direct debit or credit card every month.

Agreement creation

Customer agrees to the terms of the Agreement by manifesting acceptance of them using the “clickwrap procedure” at


Agreement, Agreements

means the agreement arising between the parties in accordance with this document and the other documents referred to by this document.

Service, Services

means the services.

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